Agnès Perrin, Directeur de Recherche CNRS

Main studies

Analyses and calculations for line positions and lines intensities. Calculations.

Spectral range: infrared (mainly) and microwave (sometimes).

Asymmetric rotors (mainly).  Symmetric rotor (CH3Cl).


Theoretical aspects: 

Vibration- rotation interactions (A- B- and C-type Coriolis. Anharmonic or Fermi resonances). Electron –spin – rotation;   Hyperfine structure.  Large amplitude motions for hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), nitric acid (HNO3), Difluorohydroxyborane (BF2OH), and propane (CH3CH2CH3).

Vibration- rotation- torsion Hamiltonian (H2O2, HNO3 and BF2OH and propane)


Molecules of atmospheric planetologic and astrophysical interest,

Examples of molecules of interest :

Nitric acid (H14NO3, H15NO3, DNO3);  nitrogen dioxide (14NO2, 15NO2);  formaldehyde (H2CO, HDCO, D2CO); formic acid (trans-HCOOH); nitrous oxide (trans-HONO, cis-HONO);  sulfur dioxide (SO2). Ozone (16O3, and the symmetric and non-symmetric 18O and 17O isotopic variants  16O18O16 and 18O16O16O etc..); methyl chlorine (CH3Cl); thioformaldehyde, (H2CS  ); Carbonyl Chlorofluoride (COF35Cl & COF37Cl); hydrogen peroxide (H2O2);  N2O3; ethylene (C2H4); Mono deuterated water (HDO). Oxirane (C2H4O), propane (CH3CH2CH3).


Study of molecular structures:

Examples of molecules of interest:

Difluorohydroxyborane (BF2OH);   S18O2F2;   C2H2–CO2 van der Waals complex in; vinyl chloride (CH2=CHCl);

Nitrosyl bromine (BrNO). ;  NO dimer ((NO)2);



More than 160 peer papers.


Editor of a book:

“Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere for Environmental Security". NATO Security through Science Series, Subseries: NATO Security through Science Series C: Environmental Security A. Perrin, N. Ben Sari-Zizi, and J.Demaison, (Eds.). 2006, VII, 353 p., Hardcover, ISBN-10: 1-4020-5088-7, ISBN-13: 978-1-4020-5088-6  (Springer).

Chapters in books

[Chap-1]  High resolution Infrared Spectroscopy and One Dimentional Large Amplitude Motion in Asymmetric Tops: HNO3 and H2O2 , J.-M.Flaud and A.Perrin. Chap 7 in  "Vibration-Rotational Spectroscopy & Molecular Dynamics , pp396-460, in  Advanced Series in Physical Chemistry" , D.Papousek editor, World Scientific Publishing  Company, Singapore (1997). ISBN 9810216351. 

[Chap-2] “Review on the existing spectroscopic databases for atmospheric interest”,

Agnès Perrin, NATO Series, ARW “Spectroscopy from Space”, Bratislava , 1-5 th of November 2000, p235-258, J.Demaison and K.Sarka Editors (2000).

ISBN 0-7923-6992-0 (HB), ISBN 0-7923-6993-9 (PB). Kuwer Academic Publishers.

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