Professor Université Paris Diderot

LISA, Faculté des Sciences,                                                                                                     
61, av du Général de Gaulle                             
94010 Créteil cedex
tel: +33 (0)1 45 17 65 68
email:  desboeufs@lisa.u-pec.fr  


Master SGE:

M1: cours de chimie analytique appliquée à l'environnement:




M2: cours de chimie des aérosols et métrologie



                           Mesocosms during DUNE campaign                                          The Dunes of Namibian desert (AEROCLO-SA)             PEGASUS and Stromboli volcano during PEACETIME cruise

My interest centers :
Atmospheric nutrient supply to the oceans; influences on iron solubility in aerosol, in particular in desert dust

My current research focuses on the chemistry of interactions between the atmosphere and the surface of the ocean. A major part of this involves a study of deposition in aerosols and rain of nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, silicon and iron) to the ocean, in order to assess their impact on marine productivity and hence the global carbon cycle. On a global scale, iron is the nutrient for which atmospheric inputs to the ocean have the most significant impact on phytoplankton growth. I study the factors that control how much of the iron that falls into the ocean dissolves in rainwater then in seawater as this is the fraction which helps to fuel phytoplankton growth. My works are more specifically focused on the iron-bearing dust and its solubility.

Recent Scientific projects:

- PEACETIME (ProcEss studies at the Air-sEa Interface after dust deposition in the MEditerranean sea), Coord. C. Guieu and K. Desboeufs, http://peacetime-project.org/

- MISTRALS-ChArMEX inititiative, https://mermex.mio.univ-amu.fr/

- MISTRALS- MERMEx initiative, https://charmex.lsce.ipsl.fr/

- AEROCLO-SA (AErosol RadiatiOn and CLOuds in Southern Africa), Coord. P. Formenti, https://twitter.com/aeroclo_sa

My publications:

42.   Guieu, C., Bonnet, S., Petrenko, A., Menkes, C., Chavagnac, V., Desboeufs, K., Moutin, T., Iron from a submarine source impacts the productive layer of the Western Tropical South Pacific (WTSP). Scientific Reports, 8(1), 9075, https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-018-27407-z, 2018.

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