Region: North EASTERN ASIA

Name of the data files :  surface_NE_Asia_1_4x1_4deg_V01.dat
Spatial resolution : 1/4°x1/4°
Domain : 35.5°N-47°N; 73°E-125°E
Reference : Laurent et al. 2005; 2006
PI of the data set : Benoit Laurent (
Béatrice Marticorena (

Description of the files
The «surface_xx.dat» file includes only one surface features (SF) in each grid cell. The parameters are:
  • X: latitude
  • Y: longitude
  • (X,Y; referred by the centre of the box)

  • soil: soil label for SF 1
  • p: fraction of the cell for SF 1
  • z0s: smooth roughness length for SF 1
  • Z01: total roughness length for SF 1
  • Z02: second roughness length for SF 1 (here equal to Z01)
  • W0: residual soil moisture for SF 1
  • E: erodible fraction of the surface for SF 1

  • The «solspe_xx.dat» file contains the parameters of the soil size distribution of the different soils and the ratio of vertical to horizontal flux.


    < As described in Laurent et al. (2005), the total roughness length is derived from POLDER-1 («Polarization and Directionality of the Earth′s Reflectances») Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Functions. The erodible fraction is estimated from the roughness length based on the empirical relationship established between these two parameters (Laurent et al., 2006). Typical soil characteristics (undisturbed size distribution and soil texture) have been determined for each desert areas of Eastern Asia (Laurent et al., 2006) based on the statistical analysis of measurements performed over series of soil samples collected in most of the desert regions of Eastern Asia (Mei et al., 2004). The soils of the deserts for which no soil sample have been collected have been characterized by analogy with other deserts. All details can be found in Laurent et al. (2006).