Notice to users:
The public domain data you are about to download are contributed by the Laboratoire Interuniversitaire des Systèmes Atmosphériques (LISA; UMR CNRS 7583; Universités Paris 7 et 12).

Use of the data:

With this form, I fully accept the following rules of distribution. In particular:
  • I apply for access to the data in order to perform research work;
  • I commit not to use data for commercial applications;
  • I commit to never redistribute these data to any other person or institution;
  • I commit to contact the producer/owner of the data I required in order to keep him/her informed on the use I make of the data and eventually to propose him/her a scientific collaboration.

  • In the case of any publication, I commit:
  • to explicitly refer to the relevant publication indicated for each data set
  • to propose co-authorship with the data provider if the data constitute a significant input to my work or to acknowledge him/her depending on the data use;
  • to send a draft of the publication to the data provider as soon as it is submitted to a journal, conference or other organization and a copy of the published paper.

  • Acceptation of the conditions:

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