Dust Attack (Dust Aging and transport from Africa to the Carribean)

Contact : Paola Formenti, LISA, PARIS


This project, funded by Partner University Fund, aims to improve our knowledge on the evolution of mineral dust properties during atmospheric transport, notably the modification of their fractional solubility in nutrients, as Fe. The strategy is to compare measurements close to African source regions and after few-days of transport in the atmosphere. In june and July 2012, sophisticated measurements of mineral dust composition, size distribution, individual particle shape, morphology and soluble fraction were conducted in Puerto Rico at the Cape San Juan, a noaa/wmo sampling station.


Measurements on dust properties were also did in the wet deposited fraction. Five dust events were collected during the field campaign. The analyses of results and the comparison with the database of physico-chemical and optical properties of mineral dust in the proximity of source regions of African dust impacting the Carribean which has been collected during the AMMA experiment is still to be done.



The Cap San Juan (CSJ) sampling site