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Kwabia-Tchana Fridolin

Publications de Fridolin KWABIA-TCHANA au LISA

Jean-Marie Flaud, Fridolin Kwabia-Tchana, A. Perrin, L. Manceron and M. Ndao, First infrared high resolution analysis of the ν5 band of phosgene 37Cl2CO, Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, 348, 114-116,, 2018

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Ulenikov O.N., E.S. Bekhtereva, O.V. Gromova, A.L. Fomchenko, Fridolin Kwabia-Tchana, Rotational analysis of the inversion–vibration spectrum of 15NH2D: A set of interacting states ν5/ν6/2ν2, JQSRT, 202, 210-2019,, 2017

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Antoine Jolly, V. Cottini, A. Fayt, L. Manceron, Fridolin Kwabia-Tchana, Yves Benilan, J-C. Guillemin, C. Nixon and P. Irwin, Gas phase dicyanoacetylene (C4N2) on Titan: new experimental and theoretical spectroscopy results applied to Cassini CIRS data, Icarus, 248, 340-346, 2015

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