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Publications de Murielle JEROME au LISA

Herve Cottin, Kafila Saiagh, Guan, Y.Y., Cloix, M., Diana Khalaf, Macari, F., Murielle Jerome, Jean-Michel Polienor, Yves Benilan, Patrice Coll, Nicolas Fray, Marie-Claire Gazeau, Francois Raulin, Fabien Stalport, Carrasco, N., Szopa, C., Bertrand, M., Chabin, A., Westall, F., Vergne, J., Da Silva, L.A., Maurel, M.-C., Chaput, D., Demets, R., Brack, A., The AMINO Experiment: a laboratory for Astrochemistry and Astrobiology on the EXPOSE-R facility of the International Space Station, International Journal of Astrobiology 14, 67-77, 2015 PDF

Szopa C., Robert Sternberg, D. Coscia, F. Goesmann, R. Gomes, S. Legrand, Murielle Jerome, U. J. Meierhenrich, Francois Raulin, Gas chromatography for in situ analysis of a cometary nucleus V. Study of capillary columns robustness submitted to long term reduced environmental pressure conditions, J. Chromato. A, 1368, 211-216, 2014

Herve Cottin, Noblet A., Guan Y.Y, Olivier Poch, Kafila Saiagh, Cloix M., Macari F., Murielle Jerome, Patrice Coll, Francois Raulin, Fabien Stalport, Szopa, C., Bertrand, M., Chabin, A., Westall, F., Chaput, D., Demets, R., Brack, A., The PROCESS experiment: an astrochemistry laboratory for solid and gaseous organic samples in low Earth orbit, Astrobiology, 12, 412-425, 2012

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