Category: Instruments de mesure in-situ

MONA: measurement of nitrogen oxides NO, NO2 and NOy*

MONA allows quick measurement of nitrogen species at low concentrations. It is built around 3 ECO-PHYSICS CLD780TR analyzers that provide a direct measure of NO. Specific conversion pathways have been developed and allow the analysis of NO2 and NOy. A servo system of the sampling developed in collaboration with the INSU-DTallows the instrument to operate avoiding the pressure variations related to changes in altitude.

Its detection limit is 10 pptv in 60 seconds and 50 pptv in 3 seconds.

* NOy = NO+ NO2 + HNO3 + PAN + N2O5 + HONO + HO2NO2 + NO3 + + nitrates particulate+ organic nitrate + halogenated nitrogen compounds (ClONO2, BrONO2 , NOCl , ..