Category: Instruments de mesure in-situ

AMOVOC: measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and some Oxygenated Volatile organic compounds (OVOC)

AMOVOC enables sampling on the ground or on plane of volatile organic compounds present in the air. It is composed of two removable and interchangeable modules: dedicated to either the extent of the volatile organic compounds (VOC), or to that of the oxygenated volatile organic compounds (OVOC) each module allows to perform up to 16 samples. The valves provide, for each module, automatic distribution of the sampled air to media samples. AMOVOC is equipped with a temperature regulator by Pelletier effect, a control of flows collected by mass flow controllers and a programmable sampling cycles automation system.

Samples taken are then analyzed in the laboratory by GC-MS coupled to a thermodesorber for VOCs, or by HPLC for the OVOC.