Axis 3: Simulation of pollution at regional and continental scales

LISA, in a consortium with the IPSL and the INERIS has largely contributed to the development and evaluation of the model of chemistry and transport CHIMERE. The simulation of photochemical pollution with this model has reached a maturity allowing, for example, its application for the evaluation of scenarios of emission reduction in the PACA region, in the frame of the ESCOMPTE project and use for operational forecasting of ozone at INERIS  (

The currentactivities aim at refining the description of certain processes in the model, its evaluation and correction with observations and its application to geophysical purposes. Several directions are followed :

- Implementation of different schemas of organic aerosol formation in the 3D model, and their assessment with the detailed observations of the chemical composition of the aerosol and its precursors gases, obtained during the MEGAPOLI campaign in the summer of 2009 and winter 2009/10 in Ile-de- France. These activities should enable a better :

- simulation of the impact of megacity emissions (in and outside Europe) on air quality and on the chemical composition at a regional/continental scale (MEGAPOLI project); simulation of the impact of long-range transport on air qualityr in Europe (PRIMEQUAL OLDAIR project)

- Development of data assimilation techniques in order to contribute to the construction of future integrated air quality survey and forecast systems in Europe (see also project PolSat).

- Air and soil pollution with heavy metals is an important aspect, due to its health effects, of particulate pollution. Numerical simulations will be compared with the multi-year observations of the deposition of metals in mosses and lichens.

Estimation by simulation of the participation of the VOC families to photochemical ozone formation along a plume in Alsace
(INTERREG III program).