Photooxidant and particulate matter pollution from urban to continental scale

Understanding atmospheric pollution requires the quantification of the various processes which govern the evolution of chemical species in the gas and particle phases in the lower atmosphere before taking them into account in 3D models. The objective of LISA in this field is  to provide predictions and spatial descriptions of the various pollutants from the urban to the continental scale. In addition, the impact of pollution on the time evolution of the materials of the built heritage is studied. For these purposes, in situ and satellite observations, numerical modeling, as well as experimental laboratory simulations, are simultaneously set-up.


Barmpounis, K., Ranithkumar, A., Schmidt-Ott, A., Michel Attoui, Biskos, G.

Enhancing the detection efficiency of condensation particle counters for sub-2 nm particles
Journal aerosol science

Wednesday 3 January 2018
Tidblad J, Kreislová K, Faller M, de la Fuente D, Yates T, Aurelie Verney-Carron, Grøntoft T, Gordon A, Hans U.

ICP Materials Trends in Corrosion, Soiling and Air Pollution (1987-2014)
Materials (Basel)

Saturday 19 August 2017
Godet M., V. Vergès-Belmina, P. Bromblet, A. Colombini, Mandana Saheb-Djahromi, C. Andraud

Fly-ash contribution to Nd:YAG laser yellowing and its mitigation using UV-B light
Journal of Cultural Heritage

Thursday 10 August 2017
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