Axis 1: Estimation of emissions and dry deposition

Emissions of particulate and gaseous species are a major source of uncertainties for atmospheric pollution modelling. The actions carried out in the laboratory to reduce these uncertainties are :

- Inverse modeling of gaseous emissions of NOx and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by exploiting satellite observations: For this, variational methods, using the adjoint of the 3D chemistry-transport CHIMERE model, are tested and implemented. The objective is to establish coherent sets of emissions for different compounds from multi-species observations.

- The development of experimental techniques for the measurement of biogenic VOC emissions; this development will help implement field experiences for analysis and description of the high variability at low frequency of these emissions according to the control settings (biological, characteristic of soil parameters).

Dynamic chamber of estimation of biogenic VOC emissions

- The estimation of the ozone flow to the biosphere through a better estimation of dry deposition.